Do you want to know how to solve the problems you have with your horse or how to unlock the full potential in your horse?

Then you've come to the right place!

My name is Rebecca Gilbert and I'd like to ask you a few questions:

* Is your horse often tense during riding?
* Do you have uneven rein contact all the time, with a more difficult side?
* Is your horse often alert and nervous or lazy and grumpy?
* Unable to back up in a straight line? 
* Do you find it difficult to ride sitting trot on your horse?

* Do you and your saddle often slip to one side, ending up sitting crooked?

* Is your horse often lame when you ride it?

* Does your horse nap?

* Does your horse buck or rear?

* Maybe you don't have any problems with your horse, but feel like you have 'plateaued' and have made no progress with your horse for a long time.

Do these problems sound familiar? Guess what.....

There Is A Reason WHY You Are Experiencing These Issues!

A lot of riders face these problems. Often resulting in less riding or expensive vet bills! But the reason WHY your horse may not be going as well as you like, is:

Because Every Horse Is ASYMMETRICAL From Nature! 

Straightness Training could be the solution to many of these issues, if you're interested in finding out more please contact me, Rebecca Gilbert  on

The Official link to facebook for the UK Straightness Training group is