Teaching in Italy April 2014

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I am teaching throughout the whole of the UK and recently enjoyed teaching in Ireland, Italy and USA.

I am offering one to one tuition, a lesson is approximately an hour where I have enough time to cover some theory of Straightness Training and allow you to put it into practice with your horse.

I am unable to travel to teach one person at a time due to high demand.

If you wish for me to come to your part of the country to teach I would need a group of riders organised. Please message me if you require further details.

The Facebook UK Straightness Training group is a fantastic resource and a great way of getting a group of local students together.

You would also be welcome to bring your horse to our yard for a private lesson, we are based just south of King's Lynn, East Anglia.

My hourly rate is £50, plus traveling expenses (30 pence per mile) if I am teaching away from home. 

My support and guidance will be far more powerful to you if you have spent time studying the Straightness Training Home Study Course (HSC) and ST Mastery have already started to put some theory into practice with your horse/s. The HSC is a wonderful online educational program and with Straightness Training it's very important to spend time 'thinking' first and deeply understand the reasons and purpose behind the exercises we do with our horses. The ST Mastery is the full ST encyclopaedia and enables you to submit Touchstones of the ST Pillars (Groundwork, longing, Work in hand, Riding and Liberty) to allow you to progress smoothly through your lifelong ST journey. 

I look forward to meeting you all soon and helping you and your horses along with your Straightness Training journey!